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T300 rs FFB
Hi people, ive been playing a lot of sims in the past years and had a few different wheels and pedals. 
After a few hours os testing and search I came up with these settings, i think they are amazing, or atleast way better than what i had before. But since its been a few years since i raced serious with a mid range fanatec wheel and csp pedals, I think i might have lost some sensitivity to these things.

Steam guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...1345606958

Try it if want, maybe you will like it, maybe you will see something dumb that we cant change to make it better. 
The goals is to get the most realisting ffb to feel what the car is doing without having a super strong ffb that will kill the wheel in the long run, but also not to end up with a supper light wheel. 
Cheers people, race clean.

edit: ive been playing for a long time but still a complete noob when it comes to settings, setups and skins, remember that before roasting me :c

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