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Poll: Tell us which Zone suits you best
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Zone 1
112 63.28%
Zone 2
15 8.47%
Zone 3
11 6.21%
Zone 4
39 22.03%
Total 177 vote(s) 100%
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World Map & Zones
The system will operate 24/7 in (6) six hours cycles that repeat four times a day giving 4 Zones.


Zone 1
Starts: 18:00 UTC
Ends: 00:00 UTC

Zone 2
Starts: 00:00 UTC
Ends: 06:00 UTC

Zone 3
Starts: 06:00 UTC
Ends: 10:00 UTC

Zone 4
Starts: 10:00 UTC
Ends: 18:00 UTC

Tell us your location by voting on the poll.
Not sure what the actual train of thought is behind your Zone timeings e.g Zone two 00:00 - 06:00, zone twos timing would put it at 10am to 4pm my local time (sydney) which, if any time on a weekday, i'd be at work and would put it out of contention for me.
In some ways, Zone 4's timings work out better (8pm to 4am), although half of the races would be off limits.

To give us a better idea, what is your intended time of day (local) for the drivers? Weekdays or weekends (or both) day or night (or afternoon)?
Heads up! Time zones and forum settings got resynced, I had to reconfigure my time zone at user CP.
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Not sure about zone too. My Zone is 1 (Moscow, RU), but this is mean Start 21:00 and End 3:00 (local time) Its too late for weekend and not very good for weekdays UTC 16:00 - 1:00 much better for weekdays (most business hours probably 6:00-15:00 UTC + some extra time for going to the home) and Zone 4 is ok for weekends
This info is no longer needed.

there are 4 series that run every hour 6 times per day.
If you set the correct timezone on your profile, all schedulles will display correctly

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