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Seat Tcr
only losing points and overal standings, too last try this series
This time I was on server 2. This was a huge disappointment after the great race last week.
- the lagging. (No, not just me. Everybody had issues in chat.)
Nobody knew where anybody else was, so there were so many collisions that normally never would have happened. It was just about impossible to do any close racing, because the cars were warping around so much.

- track limit exploit. Red Bull Ring just doesn't work without any sort of penalty for four-wheels-off-track. I hope this track will be excluded in future series. (This is not intended as kicking off a great fight between Play-to-Win and Play-to-Sim.)
I forgot to register for the Leon race when I exited the KTM race beforehand then by the time I realised it was 4 minutes to and too late Sad

It says something for the increasing popularity of SRS that we are getting so many drivers that a good 25% of them have clearly never done any simracing before, and would probably be D grade if MR was running on the SRS servers.

Suggestion: start usig Minorating on SRS servers to limit split 1 to MR AB or similar. I would rather race 4 or 5 guys who are clean than 23 where 10 of them are simply incapable of a clean race.

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