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New AC Series coming March 26!!
Silly question,

How is it going to be the "ks_porsche_911_gt3_cup_2017", when the series is labelled GT1. Is it not going to be the "Porsche 911 GT1-98"?

(03-25-2018, 08:08 AM)Tim Cullingworth Wrote:  Silly question,

How is it going to be the "ks_porsche_911_gt3_cup_2017", when the series is labelled GT1.  Is it not going to be the "Porsche 911 GT1-98"?

It does say GT1  and that's the only KUNOS car i see since there is no download link for any other 911 GT1  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_911_GT1
(03-24-2018, 04:17 PM)Martijn van t Land Wrote:  I'm not so much worried for myself....

It's turn 1 in particular and your assumption all registered are descent drivers.

So i guess we agree to disagree.

T1 carnage is not due to setup difficulty I assure you and i don't think braking is an issue with fixed setup, so i don't see how you can arrive to the conclusion that a FIXED setup will cause carnage in T1.
Problem is not that it is fixed but that people will have less experience with the setup which can catch people out in turn 1 or later in the lap/race.

People who practice upforhand and know how their setup affects their car over a race distance tend to have less incidents during a race.

Well we'll see how your incident rating of 3.1 will evolve.
So lets just hope I'm wrong in this.
I was referring to the daily 911 race. The gt1 car is the national championship.
Not a silly question, silly questions are ones not asked.
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
> National championships will continue this season but with a small change. Each race with less than 12 drivers on the grid, will put that country on hold for one season.

This is the part I don't understand, are there championships for other countries than Germany, Spain and Portugal? Is there a Belgium championship for example? Sorry to ask this but I'm new to SRS
I think Germany, Spain and Potugal are the three countries on top of the National Rankings, and that putiing them on hold for a season means other countries will get a championship.
Fixed setup lookes like all will have same car but it is true only partialy, not everybody has same equipment, specialy steering wheel, people with older wheels with smaller turning angle (270) are in disadvantage to other with 900 or 1080 degree wheels, with heavy ovesteering cars on default it is very hard stay on road with 270 deg. wheel and now i exactly know what i am saying, because i came from 270deg. old MOMO to G29 3 weeks ago and the difference is big, so before i must change the setup to make the car less oversteel and more stable
the X-Bow should have unchangeable setup if i remember correctly, i remember it was shit to drive, maybe the Fulvia, because SRS wrote "some" series will have a fixed setup.

Michal don't remember me the 180 degrees without FFB Thrustmaster Red Legend (T80) times, i had it till the end of december 2017,, with that i had to change values on the cfg to have "a bigger fake lock" for every car and track, like at Le Mans i had a small lock, and at Zandvoort a big one, and every car was different... and the setup were ultra stiff at the front.

a 14yo Driving Force Pro became the best thing ever after months with the Red Legend Big Grin
Im wondering, why we never race on a track like Daytona road, technical reason in the mod?

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