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Fuel Comsumption in Assetto Corsa
Hello everyone,

yesterday I once again noted that Assetto Corsa's fuel consumption seems to be quite off (at least in the GT cars - can't tell about the LMP cars). I think, in the 20 minute sprint races this is no problem since neither tyres nor fuel levels are going to effect lap times too much.

However, I did the Euro 1 hour race yesterday evening and went with a little less than 70 litres (I think it was 67 litres including the refuelling). In reality however, GTE cars usually can go for about one hour between stops for fuel, if I'm  not completely mistaken, due to the following calculation: At Le Mans GTE cars can go about 14 laps on one tank and one lap is about 3:55 Minutes give or take a few seconds. Of course Le Mans has quite a bit more full throttle percentage than Brands Hatch, so we can expect little longer driving times there. If I remember correctly, the Porsche has a 120 litre tank so based on my fuel consumption we could go at least 1:30 hours with that much fuel, which seems a bit odd.

The bigger problem with this in my opinion is the fact that the weight difference between a car with fuel for a whole 1 hour race and one with fuel for a race with refuelling during the pitstop is nearly the same, thus there is no real difference in possible lap times on both strategies. If the difference was bigger, going for a refuel might be as more rewarding strategy since longer refuelling time would allow a tyre change with a lesser (or maybe no) time loss. Overall I believe if the fuel comsumption was "fixed" by setting it to 150% or something, at least for the 1 hour races, other strategies apart from taking a one litre splash and going for the whole race length on medium tyres might be more feasible. Smile
I may be very wrong, but I think I heard somewhere (probably on some youtube video) that Assetto Corsa calculates fuel based on speed and distance. Which means coasting doesn't work, which it does in iRacing (apparently, I wouldn't know). That comment may also have been about RFactor, so don't hold it against me if I'm wrong. I can't seem to find anything to confirm or deny however.
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Yeah, I remember something like this, too. I think iRacing just takes into account the position of the gas pedal, so there shortshifting doesn't work and AC also takes some simplified approach.

But even if coasting does not work as intended this does not help with the fact that fuel consumption in (some?) GT cars is too low and thus does not allow for more realistic tactics, though I suspect, that even with higher fuel consumption the splash and dash tactic might be working best.

Just not to give a false impression: I generally really like the longer races here on SRS very much, only the fuel consumption for some cars in AC seems to be off to me so I tried to come up with a more realistic idea. Of course implementing higher fuel consumption for certain races and cars also has its downsides if someone does not think about higher fuel consumption and builds his pit stop tactic based on 100% fuel consumption. Also I wouldn't advise to change the rules during a season. I just thought to bring up the point in order that we can discuss pro and cons in a time such that there is enough time to change the rules for the next season (if a change is deemed necessary, that is). Smile
in other tracks like RBR, Mugello, Silvestone the fuel consumption is about 80 lt, and the fuel tank of a GT-E is 100-110 lt, Le Mans uses a lot more fuel than any other track, and you always have to refuel with some fuel in the tank because the lap is very long, so 1h at Le Mans it's about 95-105 lt in real.

in AC you can save fuel by change gears before and go slower.

for the strategy, i aggre, i wrote something about that in the last series with the Bmw M235i, the stop was useless, but i it will not change a lot, the S S strategy can works only on track where overtakes are easy and/or medium tyres doesn't heat up, or you start on pole and pull away very fast, because if you don't overtake who has M, you will alwayscome behind who does 1lt stop.

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