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No points for DNF Drivers
It is frustrating when that happens Dave, but it also happens in RL, at least we don't have random mechanical failures.

This is also what the reporting tool is for. I have to say I have a quite low threshold of when to report as I think it is the only way for people to learn how to race.
I am glad to hear that the admins are adjusting this rule. I've had a few races with hit & quit drivers, the ones that start as if the race would last one lap (especially dumb in 1 hr races), hit me making me spin and sending me to the bottom of the grid to then just quit. In my experience there seems to be a pattern to those behaviours. I am happy to know that those drivers are getting no reward for that.
Sure technical failures can be a problem, I've had that too, but those should be just occasional.
You lost the engine?! Wow, must have been a hell of a crash! I've only had my engine blown once in over 400 SRS races and it was due to over downshifting.
Quote:"The race is finished when the race is finished"
Nothing more, nothing less. 
Then Driver have to stay in the Race and don't Quit.

Have to say I do agree with this, but there may be technical reasons that this can't be done.

This issue has been bugging me for a while to tell the truth.  For a while I wondered about setting up an account and see where I end up just doing 3 clean laps then parking up because as a mid pack driver I was frustrated to find that divers that did this were getting more points than me due to racing incidents dropping my score by three places a time.

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