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Anyone with Fanatec Porsche GT2 Wheel?
Hey guys i bought a used wheel,that it working ok,but recently had a problem with it on the RedBull Ring Audi TT Cup series.

My wheel after some time/laps is losing FFB and become very sensivity in the game,also the indicator of speed on the wheel become stale on the speed of when it happened the bug.

Other visual thing that happens in the game is that the Pit Menu appears right when the bug happen too.

Anyone already have that problem and know how to fix it?

NOTE: it seems to happen only in that Combination of car and track so far.

It started to happen recently too after about 30 to 40 practice laps and many car setups change.
I've read in various places that wheels (not that one specifically... it was probably a different wheel?) will lose FFB strength when it overheats. I'm not familiar with Fanatec wheels to any degree, but does there appear to be any fans that are not getting power?

My T300RS has a dynamic fan that spins up as needed, and stays on until the unit cools down... but there's also a "failsafe mode" which essentially keeps the fan running at top speed whenever the wheel is powered. I've been fine without using that mode, but then again, I don't set my wheel to try to break my arms off either.
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Thank you very much for your answer,good thinking,it might be something related, will check reducing FFB gain on menu..

Why i think you might be right,on sidekick app,when i turn the wheel too much on that car it says "Consider Reducing FFB Gain" maybe some powerful ffb triggers,as i noticed with this wheel when it turns all the way right or left it triggers a vibration motor,so i think with the power of the vibration plus the high FFB it happens something,maybe too much power at the same time and the wheel auto protect himself and deactivate motors or something.

It seems to happen when i'm turning the wheel and pass on a kurb or ondulation.

Note: When happening the wheel looks ok temperature though...When playing more than 1 hour with intense racing it gets a little hot ,but never happened this thing.

Well,will reduce ffb gain and see how it goes.

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