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TT Cup setup 1:31:999
Couldn't make heads or tails of it. Will have to look again later.

I'm going to be away until Wednesday so I thought I'd have a little practice on Spa ready for next week. I don't think setups are all that important but here is mine for Spa from my last practice session. Fastest lap so far was 2:33.4 but looking at my delta time thing it looks like there's plenty more left on the table. It's a really nice circuit that rewards good throttle and brake control. Feels like a long time since I've raced here (since public servers a couple of years ago racing GT2s I think) so I'm looking forward to next week.

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The specified attachment does not exist.
Plank autos YouTube channel.

Confirmed. Although it says 18 people downloaded it. Now I feel left out.
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When SRS was down for maintenance the other night, the forums also went down. I am guessing that the attachments were not restored when they restarted, and will need to be reposted.
Oh, looks to be there for me. Here it is again anyway.
Now it's been a couple of days I'm off to see what the pace has been like at Spa this week.

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