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Sim Racing affecting real life driving
Did sim racing ever affect how you behaved in traffic?

When I was struggling with the usual "everyone keeps crashing me" phase I once didn't dare to slow down in traffic to turn into a parking spot, because I was afraid that the car behind me would hit me.

And the second time I was on the highway doing 150 km/h or what when the cars in front of me needed to brake quite hard. While braking as well I kept as little space to the car in front as possible "to give the cars behind space".

The second one could have ended quite bad – good thing I got over this "the others always keep crashing me" thing, haha Big Grin

And then there's of course the more fun stuff like learning how to heel&toe
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It certainly helps with reaction times and noticing idiots on the road lol
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Yes that s true

My wife is barking at me .....she often says

Stephan we are here not at your Playstation...this is real life and damage

so i told her ----right but there is enough Space and i always brake with the left leg so what ?

Space???? What Space ...only 5 Meters? That s not enough space......

Slow down ...5 Meters are 4 meters to react an overtake!

102 points are 102 points !

???? What do you mean ?

I skew the other way. When I'm in my real car I can typically count 2 seconds behind the car in front of me at all times, I constantly let people into my lane ahead of me before lights, and put it into neutral when coming to a stop rather than downshift and engine brake. I think I'm over (under?) compensating specifically because I don't want to do anything dangerous with even worse drivers all around me than those I race with online. Big Grin
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I can't say about everyday driving because I don't own a car currently, but I'm pretty sure Grand Prix Legends saved me a trip to the hospital (or worse) back in the days. I had to do an emergency braking on the highway in a Peugeot 205 diesel (heavy in the front, veeeery light in the back), and without GPL, I don't think I would have realised that the wheels had locked and I wouldn't have known instantly what to do. That was actually the standard braking in GPL : lock and lift off Smile
Off course its true....in terms of reaction time and what to do in a "losing the car" situation... Also you have more perspective about the fisics of the cars and all the surroundings.
Once i had the change to drive 2 super cars in Portimão Circuit and knowing all the braking points and the best lines made all the diference.

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