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Raceroom Race Results Reupload!
Due to how the RRE app works and issues experienced with the result files, all results from the first week shall be reuploaded (along several days) once we start the second week. This means that the races some drivers did and didn't appear on the standings, will count for the championship standings and rating.
Users should make sure that their RRE profile name matches their SRS username. There has been some changes to allow more freedom.
Check bellow if you are having problems.

SRS Username          RRE Profile name
Łukasz Krä               Lukasz Kra       OK
Lukasz Kra               Łukasz Krä       OK
Lukasz Krae             Łukasz Krä        ERROR
Lukasz Krae            Lukasz Kra         ERROR

Users can reply this post and request a name change to add the accents that were removed at registration.

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