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Lotus 25 Championship
After a very enjoyable race at Brands Hatch in the Lotus Death Trap 25, I'd like to say thank you to my fellow racers. The Lotus likes to run off into the woods (mine did - twice) but everyone seemed patient and considerate. I bet the safety marshals could barely hear the engines above the poor drivers screaming in fear as each Brands Hatch corner terrified them.  Big Grin
I bet it was great. For me, this would be the most interesting series now, but in my time zone there are races at 7 pm, too early after I get home from work, and then 1 pm, which is far too late. What a disappointment.
I was really amazed how well the start went. Congrats to everyone being part of the race yesterday at 2200 GMT.

It's really an amazing car. Racing with it kind of feels like racing space ships in slow motion Big Grin

"Approaching turn in 500 meters, initiate turn-in-sequence, estimated arrival at turn in 10 seconds."

Still need to figure out a proper setup though.
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th in the Lotus 25 championship 2018
Drove 3 laps and absolutely hated it. Brake 1km before a corner, enter the corner at a speed of a cyclist and still manage to understeer into a wall.

(02-13-2018, 12:24 PM)Sebastiaan van den Heuvel Wrote:  Drove 3 laps and absolutely hated it. Brake 1km before a corner, enter the corner at a speed of a cyclist and still manage to understeer into a wall.

This car also made me ragequit for the first time ever on SRS xD
''All the time you havea to leavea the space''

As said by Fernando Alonso in broken english during the Bahrein GP 2012
"Approaching turn in 500 meters, initiate turn-in-sequence" the fun part is that even if you start braking and turning in far too late, it's so easy to put into drift and then to get out of drift, that you can still make the corner ;-)

Even though I am sadly unable to join these races due to inconvenient timing, I drove this car alone all evening yesterday just for pure fun.

But I need to get myself a lever shifter, driving it with paddle shifters is an anachronistic abomination :-)
It's the Skip Barber of AC. Love it. Smile
Pawel, I sympathise. The toy-like shifter on my Logitech Driving Force GT is barely adequate, but at least it's better than paddles. On the glorious day that I get an H-pattern shifter, all the sims will feel brand new to me.

As for braking distances, etc., of the Lotus 25, some set-ups make the car less frustrating to drive. I was lucky to stumble across a set-up that helped me shave a few seconds off of my time. 

It's rare for me to race online; I was surprised how my driving style changed when racing against other people. Against AI, I drive aggressively. In the online race, I found myself driving more calmly, conscious that one accident would lose the race (it did) or ruin someone else's. When driving the Lotus, each corner was approached like a military campaign - from miles away, my brain painted the track with arrows, dotted lines, "Stop!" signs and so on. Remembering all this instinctual preparation calmed me as my Lotus slid off the track and straight into the barriers.  Big Grin
I must admit that know very little about setups, and I rarely have courage to fiddle with them, beyond maybe adjusting wings a bit, sometimes shortening top gears' ratios. A good racer is fast, precise, consistent and understands how setups translate into car behaviour. I, on the other hand, am slow, messy, and inconsistent, so why would I understand setups on to of that ;-). So in the 25 I only messed a little with in-cockpit brake balance to try to make it more tail-happy under braking., especially when sliding around a Scottish town.

In the Lotus 25 (and 49) I also love how there is so little torque at low rpms, and then it suddenly comes on. So exiting a corner I may accelerate nicely, all under control at mid-range rpm, OK, I made it, and all of sudden bam! torque! power slide! Big Grin

I am quite new to AC (less than two months) and very new to SRS (I think 4 races so far), but I also noticed being very different in online races, I like my online driving style better (though I lose most of the time). I wish I had more time to race more often.
Super enjoyable car, I really like driving the vintage combos. The problem is that everytime I try to race with classic cars, I spend more time avoiding incidents than actually racing. I just finished a race at Brands, some people need to learn to keep it on track before joining a race. I got punted 5 times on the opening laps, ruined my race and score alltogheter. RIP my incident average too.

I love these cars but starting a race midpack is suicidal.
As I've said earlier, the race the day before was perfectly fine.

I guess when one driver messes up T1 as bad as it happened yesterday, everyone needs a few corners to clear their head again.

(also, I was the one who bumped you in T4, sorry again for that)
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th in the Lotus 25 championship 2018

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