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Lotus 25 Championship
Just as with the real car, there will always be accidents. Despite doing my best to stay out of the way in my last race, I slid off the track twice. It was pure good luck that I didn't crash into someone.

No downforce and old tyres tend to produce crashes. It's frustrating but, unless someone deliberately causes an accident, we have to accept it. I know for certain that, to my intense embarrassment, I will spoil someone's race in the future. C'est la vie.
Today (also) I was deconcentrated.  Confused
I could not avoid the big collision.  Sad
# 13 

Too big this wheel's deadzone for me, samba in the track  Big Grin
"Samba in the track" is a perfect description.  Big Grin
Driving this car has brought to mind Jackie Stewart's tips on driving. He advises not just getting on the brakes smoothly but getting off the brakes smoothly as well. The same applies to the steering wheel, throttle, and clutch. It always made sense to me, but especially so now that I realize he cut his teeth driving grand prix cars like this Lotus.

Went here just to share how much i appreciate racing on this car! It does not have the power, grip or aero, but it delivers A LOT of fun driving it! Especialy when on the edge trying to shave some time.

Great Championship!
I really love that car as well. I'd really appreciate if one of the two daily series would always be a more demanding car like this one.
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th in the Lotus 25 championship 2018
Even though I barely manage to join one race per week, I also love this series. I'm two or three seconds off the pace of the best, but that's okay. Most tracks are fine too, even though I would have liked to see a few more historic tracks. For example I've raced the 25 on Thomson Road yesterday, so much fun (and fear)! Hope to see more classic lotus races in SRS in the future.

To be fair the tracks are all quite "classic" even though only two of them are in their old layout.
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th in the Lotus 25 championship 2018
i'm with Matthias too, why Nurburing? a 1984 track..

this car was so nice to drive at Brands Hatch and it's nice now at Silvestone (even if i'm something like 1.5 sec slower than others),it was made for those smooth and fast tracks, i did only a lap to try Nurburing, not even start the second..

and tecnically Spa is a 1979 track.. but there isn't the old spa in Racedepartment, after a fast search.
There is, but the original creators have abandoned it. Those guys keep developing it further though: https://actrackrebootproject.wixsite.com...ck-re-boot (alongside some other amazing tracks)

Anyways. Doesn't meet SRS's requirements as they're not the original creators.
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th in the Lotus 25 championship 2018

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