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Some Pics on Zandvoort of my skin:

[Image: Screenshot_ks_audi_tt_cup_ks_zandvoort_2...-31-59.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot_ks_audi_tt_cup_ks_zandvoort_2...-33-21.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot_ks_audi_tt_cup_ks_zandvoort_2...-37-28.jpg]
Here's a shot from my first race with the Taatus livery. Thanks again Russell. I might come back to post more screenshots of the livery later in the season if that's ok.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=273]

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[img][Image: 82Pbg28.jpg][/img]
[img][Image: 9heHhoM.jpg][/img]
[img][Image: wP6P9dt.jpg][/img]
Some photos from SPA race - Polish ACLeague Cup
Bummer, it doesn't go faster ! But it got a good result for her maiden race Smile

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I've updated the original post with new info! Check it out!

Get A Free* Custom Livery For Your Next SRS Race! https://tinyurl.com/y9c6qry6
Use Mudbox and Photoshop to make your own! https://tinyurl.com/yaetz4qz
Grab my PDash Skins here: https://tinyurl.com/y95ewubz
Look forward to seeing updates and the skins when you get them done. I'm hoping SRS will release the new list soon.
Plank autos YouTube channel.


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