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Hi Russell thanks for the advise and I do use the skin app already its great.

Regarding the 10MB limit is that in game?  I did a test by adding a few logos to a car - I use GIMP in 2D and when I tried to run the game I found that the cars and tracks started to load and then just went back to the car selection screen. Is that because my skins were over 10MB? I only added about 5 logos which were pulled from Google images and only about 50K each in file size so I dont understand why the file is over 10MB. The DDS files are about 5.5KB. Its all a bit confusing!

The 10MB (9.45MB actually) is just for the skin transfer app, they can be a lot bigger for the game itself.
The entire amount of data in your firstname_lastname folder for your skin can't exceed 9.45MB (apparently), or SRS Skin app won't upload it or let others download it. You CAN have more information in that folder, but I'm not sure what actually happens with the skin transferring at that point. If you successfully upload a skin that meets size requirements, and then attempt to put bigger or more files in that folder that exceeds the limit... will the SRS Skin app simply not upload your new stuff and others will still see your old stuff? Or will it fail the upload and then overwrite downloaders' folders with an empty folder?

I don't know... never tried it.
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Hmm we must ponder these important life questions Smile
How very  philosophical!!! Smile

Great thanks for your  help. I deleted files and now it works
- I used GIMP and did a 2D version I am going to try 3D now - OMG it takes frickin ages!!!

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