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no available slots
Hello, I have tried to join to two races in Assetto but I couldn't. In the first one there was 63 drivers registered, and I supposed the race was full with no place for more drivers. But in the second race there was only 17 drivers, and also the same message when I joined: no available slots. How many slots does a race have?
and another question. I am a new driver, so I have got 0 rating points. If I register for a race I am always the last driver in the list, even if I was the first driver registered. I think the site orders the drivers by their rating points, so the slots begin to be occupied always  by the theorical best drivers (at least drivers with more rating points). Is this correct? How can I obtain rating points if I can't join to any race??  
Thanks in advance.
It goes first by championship points in the series for the race you are signing up for, and then by your driver rating, as far as I know (this question has been coming up a lot... it might be beneficial to have this spelled out for members here somewhere on the site). There is a bit of circular logic, as you point out, but the good news is that in most races that are popular, you'll get on at least ONE server, even if you are all by yourself due to the server splits. If you happen to come in first, I think you still get the championship points for that race... and so the next time you sign up for a race in that series you are more likely to get on a lower number server.

As to why you are simply not getting into races because there are not enough slots? No clue. I haven't had that problem in the last three months I've been on SRS. I think they have up to 4 servers per race, and for AC, that's 23 drivers on server 1, and 24 on servers 2-4. Or maybe it's 3?
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According to the regulation page there are 4 servers per race, so you should be able to join in both cases.
I joined my first race last weekend and I had no problems (I had no championship nor rating points), but I vaguely remember a message like "if you cannot join the race, go to race link to reload the page" (not sure if it is exactly like that) inside Assetto Corsa's app. Maybe you had some problem and had to reload.
There are series that are limited by the rating (200 IIRC), if you have 0 rating and want to join a series with minimum rating you cannot join.

I have more than 200 races and never seen this error.

Be sure you register for the race inside AC before the 5 min mark.

Theoretically the max number of racers is 95 (4 servers, 24 slots per server, minus one for srstv (don´t know if split2, 3 etc. has a slot reserved for srstv).
I've had the slot problem on three occasions. Registered as usual but couldn't get on the server : no slot available. And later the site shows that I ran in the race and scored 0 point.
(12-16-2017, 12:19 PM)Pierre Caillet Wrote:  I've had the slot problem on three occasions. Registered as usual but couldn't get on the server : no slot available. And later the site shows that I ran in the race and scored 0 point.

Same for me. Both races show me as DNF result. I will try again tonight.
five races ...no available slot.
Not one race and i run out of luck and didn't get a spot but 4 ; first race 20 driver  me out 2nd 15 me out and so on ...til today wich i didnt had much hope because of 64 signed .
Yes i get is a free feature of the game provided by one man( and thnk god is still running) . But i don't get why i have to register in the next race, of my liki,ng to have the HOPE to join ONE !( realistically 0.0005% chances) so provide me a good reason to stick around or just remove the app and leave .
hmm. No offense, but if you start making ultimatums, you might as well remove the app and leave Wink
Hundreds race daily at SRS but that doesn't mean a user can't get some issues.

But, you never actually raced here. You claim you tried 5 times with the same result (no available slots).

The first problem is that you only registered for 2 races not 5, the second problem is that your steam account is suspicious (invalid steam GUID).

The third problem is your attitude.

I'll give you a good reason not to try again, you are BANNED.

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