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how servers and broadcasting work
buongiorno to all from italy, thanks for created SRS.
I have only a question and sorry if i'm not on the right thread but i dont know how to search [Image: cool.png] .
It is possible to choose the server where to race on a session? i mean server 1 2 3 4.
And if not how the server "matchmaking" work?
i Would like to race on server 1.
sorry again if i'm in the wrong thread, i searched 2 hours this discussion with no succeed.
Thanks to all moderators admins and racers this place is fantastic.
To the best of my knowledge, you are automatically placed on which ever server the system deems you worthy for; there is no way to choose. You are more likely to be put on a lower numbered server split if you have points in the racing series for the race that you are signing up for. So if you always want to be on server 1, you need to race a bunch in that particular series (and do fairly well).
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