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Drawing ....from Zoiscomic ...just me
Hello Everybody

my Name is Zois or Zeus alias Stephan Schweers from Düsseldorf /  Germany 

I m a Master of Bakery and if i couldn t get sleep , i stay tuned and draw a little bit .

All my life  i like to do some creative drawing and sometimes the pencils around me are getting up and start a party with my fingers....feeel the flow.

Very nice for me to see what can be done and i wish you like it too, by the way it is not simple all the time but most of the time i feel satisfied .
Yes i could draw also for you  but i didn t do it for free ....budget low so i had to take  money instead you like and would have one of these

i do everything on my own way / autodidacted , right word when i learn at my own doing?? My english is terrible sometimes ...basic could be done....sry for that

Drwings from scale 20 x 30 cm  , 40 x 60 cm and 60 x 80 cm from 50 up to 100 €
I need 4 to 8 hours each picture so thats quit a low price for this kind of art

Want it ?-----send me a pm

Whatever i hope you enjoy and have fun with me....cu on track

Facebook : Stephan Schweers

[Image: dWhWdv5.jpg]

[Image: Jv1OvQG.jpg][Image: zBD9tD9.jpg]

[Image: qIUGmE4.jpg][Image: LoQy9CQ.jpg]

[Image: CoJoI0x.jpg]
[Image: 883u0kz.jpg]
That's beautiful Art! Congratulations for your talent!
Good stuff. Your English is 100x better than my German, btw.
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[b][i][u][s][color=#ff3333][size=x-small]Formatted text![/size][/color][/s][/u][/i][/b]
BMW ....Golden Bronce...difficult ....
[Image: QOSqERS.jpg][Image: KF8sHpZ.jpg]
[Image: ImkeuDg.jpg][Image: J4EyOp9.jpg]

[Image: kFuEPX3.jpg]
 That s the final cut
wow, that looks amazing, would be nice as a picture in my wall Big Grin
[Image: RGEReoV.jpg][Image: fRFhpIo.jpg]
[Image: 0khMN21.jpg]
That s the new one for Christmas ....i hope you enjoy

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