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Base setups
I think it would be a nice idea to have a custom base setup for every car available in SRS, so people without time/knoledge to make his owns setups could download it and start racing, since default setups are usually rubish. This is specially relevant for cars that don't have any setup in TheSetupMarket or for those that are usually used to drift and it's difficult to find a race setup for them.

I think this measure would be nice for new drivers (and some veterans also Shy )  since it's really common to see them blocking his brakes and sliping a lot. and, in my opinion,  it would probably avoid incidents and we could have closer races.

What do you think?
I don't think setups are the problem. To me, default setups are quite ok. Spinning and the such are more due to an overall lack of practice.
I'd love it if more experienced setup artists would upload their setups during from their creation process to thesetupmarket just in general. I'd upload mine but I know mine border on rubish as well. I typically tune for safety over speed as most of my top 10 finishes are due to me being consistent and not fast.... but maybe that's what everyone should start with? Seems like most of the default setups are on the safer side, but I do remember the defaults for the Ferrari 312/67 being straight up deathwish material on all the tracks we used them on, save Monza 66 (since there is like two brake zones on that whole circuit).

Maybe what I'll do is just go ahead and upload mine so at least there will be SOMETHING in thesetupmarket for newer racers to start off of. At least on cars that have more than tires and fuel to mess with, anyway.
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At iRacing there are weekly threads for the specific races where people share their setups and videos of the best laps they did in practice (which encourages people to practice more to be competitive).

But I guess the community here isn’t active enough for that … yet ;-)
Yup. There are a few rare cases of people posting vids and setups for SRS races in the Setup SRS sub forum, but by and large it is just Neil de Guzman over and over with his lap videos for the GT serieses (is that a word?). I'd thank him profusely for his work, but I don't race in those races at all. :\
Grab my PDash Skins here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sob_dash-skins-for-pdash.17880/ 
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