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Issues with joining the race
I was really looking forward to today's GT3Asia race. I registered in advance and when the time came I clicked join. After I joined it was 3 minutes practise session with other 4 guys and after that followed qualification and race also with these 4 guys even though there were 24 people who registered for this race. And from live broadcast I can see them racing but it is too late to join. I had a pretty bad first experience with SRS. Could you please tell me what I done wrong so that I could join the race next time.
it's normal, when there are more than 23 people registred in a single event, the one's that has the lowest rating (usually new users) go on server 2 or 3 (if there are more than 46 people), that's because srs servers has 24 people limit (23 plus SRS tv).

now you have some points (if you didn't leave the race without doing any lap) so next time you will join on main server Smile

see you on track!
Is it based on rating alone? I thought it put more weight (or relies entirely) on your championship points for a series rather than driver rating. In looking at the Tatuus @ Spa 3 server race, this seems to pan out as I see plenty of cases where Server 1 had some drivers with a lower rating than drivers on servers 2 or 3. In many cases this is likely going to look similar since those with higher ratings are also more likely to participate a lot and get championship points in a series they are competing in.
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First is your score in the series, then the global rating.

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