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GT3 America BMW Z4 GT3 Donington GP 1:28.9

Old records shows 1:27s the best laps around here, so here's my mediocre effort for this week...

Two sets, one for Qualy and one for Race. The Q trim has TC OFF... if you can't handle it, turn TC ON  to 1. It's only 0.3 secs slower at least for me.

Race trim will use soft tires at higher pressure, and will pit and change to soft tires. Fuel is divided in half. Again play with the strategy and find what's best for you. See you guys in the races!

I'm glad no one grab the first set ups... Fuel was a bust... I pitted 3 times in that first race. Even started in the pits for taking a leak and missing the start... LOL The updated set ups are below...

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