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New rFactor 2 Series !
We are pleased to announce the new rF2 series!
This season will start today 27/11/2017 and end on 07/01/2018 and feature 2 road series and 1 Oval series.

Just like in AC, a race will be considered official if 6 or more drivers register. If there are less than 6 drivers, SRS boosts up AIs to fill a 15 grid race and results will count for another standings table that can be seen at Competition>AI Standings. Rating is not affected when racing against the AI.

[Image: rf2seriesdecember17.png]
Are the results from AC and rF2 going to be merged into one rating standings?
If on the same category (road for example) yes.
Thank you for add rF2! Wich build of the game are you using? v1109 or v1109-dx11-open beta?
Automobilista Porsche Cup Champion Sleepy
worked with the latest DX11 and previous. DX09 not 100% sure
Thank you
Automobilista Porsche Cup Champion Sleepy
hi guys, why rfactor 2 app is not showing me any race to register, I mean the ones at the top of the page still active right ? they are supoused to finish the 7/1/18.

thanks, and happy new year Smile !!
there have been updates every day since the last month.
We can't work on that basis
When do you guys estimate you will be able to put up some new oval races? None currently on the schedule!
as soon as the updates are stable

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