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Ginetta Super Cup Mod update
Ginetta Super Cup Mod has been updated to v1.3
Uh oh. I foresee loads of drivers failing checksums, frustrating and feeling confused...
Already happened yesterday because a lot of people updated it but it wasn't on the server so...
Everyone who installs the updated v1.3 - make sure to DELETE the old version completely first (manually or use Content Manager to install it in a clean way).

First I only did a straight update over the old version which resulted in checksum errors on the SRS server.
After I did a clean install with Content Manager everything works fine as it should.

DELETE old version first ;-)
SRS admins, could we have these updates either before or after the series? I've seen these updates before in the middle of the series and it rendered a lot of people having trouble to join the races they had already registered for, being frustrated and losing ranking points.
Besides that, last update I experienced like this was the Renault RS01 one. There was no difference I could tell, so to me it was a lot of fuss over virtually nothing. I kept myself busy sending many messages to the people I had seen trying to join in vain.
Updates are done when mod devs make them.
Alright. Thanks for the info.
I think the problem here is that folks updated to a newer version of a mod before the series they were participating made it clear that they were adopting the update. Likely the best course of action for players is to not start updating mods they subscribe to if that mod is used in SRS (or whatever league/club/etc. they are involved in) until they are notified they should. That said, might have been a better idea to not update to the latest version of a mod mid-season at all, unless there were crippling bugs or something.
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Apologies for the update, and hopefully everything is sorted now.

No more updates forthcoming for a while now....as no problems being reported :o) YAY


MOD of Ginetta
Nothing to apologize Shaun - great update - now we can see when people brake in front of us ;-)

It really is only that all of us have to learn to check for latest versions before entering any event and be prepared with the correct download on their hard drive, ready to reinstall should there be any mismatch.

For this reason I made it a habit (point on my checklist actually) to quickly check which version of a track / car SRS is using when I sign up.
I also make sure that I have always the current version and one version older of the mod in my download folder.
With Content Manager it is as quick as a few mouse clicks to simply swap one mod version for another in case of a mismatch.

One thing that could be a little nicer would be if directly on the event screen AFTER signup would be again stated the version of used mods with a link. Currently you have to do this check BEFORE signup or leaving Assetto Corsa and check manually in your web browser. This surely is a reason why so many people fell for this issue this week.

It would also help if the download link would not link to the main download page of the mod but to the version tab of the mod download page @ racedepartment - again a little easier to see for people that there are actually different versions of a mod ;-)

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