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Analysis tools
Hello all,
I'd like to know : which analysis tools do you guys use to analyse your laps ?
AC's telemetry is okay but unsufficient.
I've tried Motec but it's more a statistician's wet dream than a really practical tool to me; and getting the input data also is unpractical and that puts me off.
Ptracker is simple enough but the interface is not great and you can only compare speed (unless I've missed something).

I wish there was something like GPLReplayAnalyser back in the day. That thing would give you everything you wanted with just the replay of one lap.

You may want to try it. It is the best simple solution I found. It took me a while but I got it working. Doc and support are sparse. I moved on to Motec eventually, which was a hell to make work.
I'll give it a try, thanks Javier.
Pretty good all in all. I just wish it had animated laps with trajectories. And a bigger problem: you can't get other people's laps (or can you ?). And comparing yourself with yourself is not the best way to get better.
Except that, pretty much what I was looking for, thanks again Javier.

(no need to register there)
Great! I am really glad you found it valuable. I could not get it working and went all the way to Motec. Now I barely use it, since I don't know what to do with it.

I don't know about importing other people's laps. Why wouldn't you?

My biggest telemetry experience was with that from GP2. It was really advanced. I used to check suspension travel too see how much lower I could ride the car and check for wheel spins. I used to invest massive amounts of time working on my setups.
I too remember doing that in GP2.

The telemetry was a great help to setting the car up.

I seem to remember it also had dynamic weather.

The other thing it used to have which I miss was the directors setting on the replays where it would chose which battles to show.
(11-18-2017, 04:45 PM)Javier Malonda Wrote:  I don't know about importing other people's laps. Why wouldn't you?

Well, how would you get them ? REC seems to record only your own car's laps. I've used it during a race on SRS and only my own laps showed. I don't see any indication that it could be otherwise in the program. And as far as I understand, you can't lift data off replays, so that's that. Or am I missing something ?
Oh, ok. I assume I'd have to record my own telemetry laps and then send them to you so that you could load them up and look at them. That's the natural way this works for me. I never thought it could have also worked the way you metion, so thanks for waking me up to that possibility.
iSpeed uploads your best lap automatically, and you have access to tons of telemetry data from other people. I miss that from iRacing... Rolleyes

I've yet to try this, but it looks good. We could make a thread to share telemetry laps.

Edit: AC's telemetry can be shared too, but it's not very clear how to do that. You have to put the .tc file in /My documents/Assetto Corsa/ctelemetry/oponents. The oponents folder doesn't exist, you have to create it. Then you can select your opponent lap in AC.
Thanks Javier, that's a generous offer. But if I have to ask every guy who's faster than I am to send me his laps, I'm gonna have to hire a full time secretary Smile

But ok, I see what you mean. The beauty of GPLReplayAnalyser was that you just needed one lap of replay, anyone's, and you were set. I wish we had something as simple and effective.
I actually tried to write to the guys who made it to see if there was any possibility, but the adress doesn't work anymore. And the program is copyrighted so trying anything without their consent is not an option.

And Pedro, thanks for the tip about AC, I'd given up on trying to guess how it works.
About the lap-sharing thread, I suppose. I see the seutp part of the forum is quite active. But is it too much to ask people to share their setup AND their driving ? Or am I being cynical ? Smile

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