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Hi guys,i recently started playing asseto corsa and i might not be aware of all the racing rules and today something happened when i was racing and i dont know if was a bug or some rule i dont know.
I was running in the dtm 90´s race and on the last lap i forced too much trying to overtake missed the braking and went straight into the gravel and when i was returning too the track my car just appeared in the pits with a 45s penalty that made me finish last!I didnt crashed hard on a wall or something like that just slighty hit the car i was trying to overtake so there was no damage to the car.Was this a bug or some rule i dont know?

Heres a video of the replay

Before the video, I thought you will be going wrong way, but no.. I have never seen penalty like this before, maybe we found some bug with Silverstone track? We should try the same again if it will do the same
I've never seen that either. At first I thought maybe you had gone in the wrong direction when getting back to the track but no, the "wrong way" sign doesn't even appear, so I have no idea. You don't even spend much time outside the track so it can't be that either. Weird.
Maybe you crossed two ore more slow down zones? I don't know how penalties work in this case, but maybe if you receive a second slowdown without serving the first one, you are teleported to pits.
It's just an idea  Huh
I think when you receive first penalty, for example you get 10s slow down penalty or 35kph slow down. Then, if you get another one before serving the first one, you will just get 20s or 30s slow down penalty without the kph penalty
I didnt received any penalty/slowdown before because i didnt cut any corner or got out of the track and got no warnings at all,the only "fault" was this crash.
It happen something similar when on a online server on a track like Tranfagarasan if i crash down the hill and get too far from the track the car automatic recovers to the pit but this was not that case.

Just went to test the track in singleplayer and found out that if you get out on that corner past the tarmac into the sand you cant get back to the track without getting a warning, its shows the wrong way signal,maybe the game thinks you are in the track in the other side of the barrier,Its strange because during the race i dont remember seeing the warning but i think its the only explanation.

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