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Session won't go to Qualifying
just did the Renault RS 01 race, where there was about 2 mins delay between practice and qualifying session. Now in the Seat leon eurocup the same happened and after 5 minutes the session still won't change to qualifying. Saw people confused on the server. Any idea what its about and what we can do?

EDIT: after many minutes of waiting the server suddenly changed to qualifying
I've seen this many times. It has always moved on after a few minutes, sometimes more sometimes less. I ignore what's it due to.
The server let everybody finish his lap if they are on a timed lap when the practice or qualy ends.

Maybe someone was doing a very slow lap, or just stopped in the middle of a timed lap?
Happens again in next RS01 race
I dont think it was because someone finishing his lap. When someone is too slow, it will just end I think - I may be wrong and it was really waiting for someone slow.

Also, next session will also not come up, if someone is connecting to the server in that time. This happened once in Tatuus race, someone was connecting, but there seemed to be some trouble, and server was still showing him as connecting. We were waiting like 10 or even more minutes, fortunately, an admin was there and he skipped the session, although he skipped it twice, from practice straight to race Big Grin
Yes, I also seen it happen a few times.

Once I noticed I was able to join track during the wait time period, as the wheel button in game was highlighted, and the qualify wouldnt load. But as soon as I quited the next session loaded and everything went fine afterwards.. Maybe if someone has this bug they are delaying the session...

This particular event got my attention cause when I tried to join the game session the first time it said the session was full, being able to join only in the 2nd try.

"If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himslef."
- Ferdinand Porsche
Yep i also saw people driving out of the pits when everybody else couldnt do so. I think it has something to do with that for sure

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