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Inconsistency on rating?
True, that can happen. But most of the time, after few days, or one week, the splits become pretty stable because the previous results will count. And if someone was struggling in split 1 before (last places, too many incidents), he will go behind you and to lower splits
TPC SimRacing Team Driver

(10-23-2017, 06:48 PM)simracingsystem Wrote:  To completely avoid this, start making races on the beginning of the championship, when rating is the main factor in server placement.

So yesterday I raced in the Ginetta series. First week of the championship. Thursday and of course a lot of pople already raced and the same thing happens again, condemned to 2nd split. I'm sorry for not being able to race earlier on the week, but I think this is a failed good idea. Looks good on paper, but I don't think it's working in a good way. How is this thing beneficial to the system?
And now I have 95 points, like twelve other people in the Ginetta series. And I'm ahead of 10 of them because I have one victory. One victory on 2nd split which is worth less points and have (or should have) less value than the 3d place that gave them those 95 points. And it was an easy one because I was in a split where I think I shouldn't be. I don't think this is right.

And just to be clear. I don't mind if I'm ahead of those people or not right now, it's not about that. It's about having a scoring (and rating) system that makes sense and is consistent in every possible situation.
today strange 3 races, 1 the game let me register and without notice there is new wersion i couldnt join, soenden like DNF lost some points but then get 2 10 ten in historic F1 and Abarth and now in tatus (5th) and in last race i lost 0,2 points and in old F1 more than 2 point, no crashes in both races Sad

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