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GT2 America Series, Set Ups, lap samples
Just wanna start a thread for this new fun series. What I want to achieve here is attract more people by having a ready to drive set up and lap samples to help anyone learn the tracks faster and be ready to join races in shorter amount of time. Mind you I am not an alien nor the fastest driver here. I just want more people racing and so free content for all! Cheers!

Sorry if I was late for this week but here's my set up for this week. It's half the fuel required. 76 liters I think is fine, Adjust levels as you wish, also the pit stop strategy. Oh, btw, my car of choice in this series is the Corvette CR7, I managed to do a 1:45.72 lap, but I think 1:44 is doable and should be easy for them aliens. 

Subscribe to this thread for all the set ups I will share! I'll make the Monza stuff ready on Monday! Thanks and Cheers!

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.zip   Corvette_GT2_VIR_Race Trim Pit once.zip (Size: 662 bytes / Downloads: 2)
I was late to register for the Monday race, damn.. Anyways, here's my lap and set up!

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.zip   CR7 Monza.zip (Size: 1.24 KB / Downloads: 4)
Moved to Set Ups sub forum! Sorry!
(10-16-2017, 02:57 PM)Neil de Guzman Wrote:  Moved to Set Ups sub forum! Sorry!
Can you provide a link to the new thread? Thanks for this!

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