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VR - GamerMuscle Lotus 3 Eleven FINAL @Silverstone GP ( Week 6)
Hi Guys !
Here it is, 6th week and last race of the championship, I'll sweat till the very end!

Thanks to anyone who attended the races, it has been a fantastic championship !
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Race results
Fastest Laps
Have you checked out my YouTube Channel ? https://www.youtube.com/user/sebastienbrunier74/
Oh yea this race was pretty good. I noticed a lot of people (including you after having watched you the last 2 laps) were braking a tiny bit early into brooklands. I knew that would be a safe place to pass. Also It is rather undesirable to take a late apex on that corner seeing as how there is not a long strait after. Early apex is therefore the faster line. When I lost it at the chicane I really had no intention to pass since he defended the inside line, rather I wanted to put pressure on the guy in hopes he would drive too slow through the following corners and maybe give me a run on the following strait. I started braking exactly at the same place I had every lap, but I did not realize how narrow the track was right before there since I had never made that exact move on a car before. My right wheels barely touched the grass before the curb causing a brief lockup and it was lost from there Sad

Anyway fun race. I always like to see other people's perspective on my races!
Well in brooklands I tried to be careful as an hour before the race while training a bit I had some "moments" here Big Grin
I've posted my fastest lap and my setup here you can see the moment I'm talking about
And my goal in this race was really to finish it as clean as possible, so I've been really conservative and not encline to fight.
But yes I'll give another run to improve this corner as I'm sure it's where I loose time in my hotlaps Smile thanks for the advice!
Have you checked out my YouTube Channel ? https://www.youtube.com/user/sebastienbrunier74/

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