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Could u give more explanations/infos pls ?
I dont think SRS is realy noob/newguy friendly so many things arent explained or stated. like why it dont show that the GT4 Cayman Race has autoclutch activated and even when u jump start it says penalty writen in like 10th of a readable size and u dont know how to overcome the penalty because again nothing is explained, Its just not nice when u wait a whole day towards a race and get disqualified. Maybe more explanation would be good specialy when u want that the SRS comunity grows up, 

just a newbie who wants to get better.
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1st - its not fault of SRS, but game

2nd - its not even a fault, the penalty is written there very well and its lighten up for the whole time until you serve it. Jump start = you get drive through penalty which you have to serve in 2 laps, and you can see it very well on the top left corner of the screen

3rd - yes, that car has got autoclutch (no clutch), but whos fault is it? Its your fault, because you could practice with the car before, also the starts..
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1. ok maybe
2. sry but it was written very small like REALY small - and sry but i dont know what a drive trough penalty is maybe help me i barely started racing assetto again :/
3. ok if the car has autoclutch i accept it but i trained with the car before and there i could use the clutch perfectly, so this seems like a setup fault but how could i know that

like i said im not blaming i just asking for help.
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No problem. Drive through penalty means that you have to enter the pitlane, drive through it and then exit back to track, thats when the penalty will be served. But if you follow motorsports, you should know this well.

And about that clutch, I cant really say more, because i dont use clutch, I start from the neutral
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Christian... I'd like to invite you to use the SRS Discord channel... you will get genuine helpful friendly advice from some great guys. We've all been new here, so have made plenty of mistakes, but there is always help at hand. The clutch thing you described caught me out in exactly the way you described, the first race I had in the TT I think it was. After you do it once, you never forget again!
Regards -- Joe.
Thx guys for the helpful reply. Yeah i will check that out Joe.
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