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Radiators F312 schedule changed to 21:00 GMT
Radiators F312 (Dallara F3) schedule has been changed from 22:00 to 21:00 GMT.
Thank you!!

I just became daddy again and this extra hour of sleep means very good news for me. Obrigado! Smile
That's great for me too, thanks. Congrats on becoming a daddy again Jaap!
-- Joe.
(09-04-2017, 09:54 AM)Joe Blow Wrote:  That's great for me too, thanks.  Congrats on becoming a daddy again Jaap!
-- Joe.
Thx, Joe!

It's a boy, so we Dutchies got the future of simracing secured  Big Grin Cool
That´s a great notice!!!!

Many thanks
Thanks for moving the race, it makes it allot easier to participate now!
''All the time you havea to leavea the space''

As said by Fernando Alonso in broken english during the Bahrein GP 2012
Yeah thanks SRS for moving it!
Much better timing to get any sleep in before going to work againSmile

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