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BMW 235i Road Atlanta ( One-Off )
Okay, just a one-off, I don't like the car, but if a few bits and pieces can help many, then here's my effort... You can use the set up I attached below, or use the default set up. Set ups are negligible here. You can get away with the default set up for sure. I find all the available set up tweaks are only for comfort, or placebo only, no additional speed to be had whatsoever. Just changes the handling a little and no more. Well, maybe the medium tires do offer a bit more speed, but technically that's not a set up change IMO...yeah...

This car has a weird power band.The 7 gears are a little too far away from each other to have any benefit, and I find the optimal shift point for this car is around 6400 to 6500 RPM only. That's a very small window! And the quickest lap times I can do is when the car is fuel heavy. Lowering fuel levels seems to take away a bit of grip too. (So that's our rear wings right there! Inside the fuel tank!)  Big Grin  So I use the same set up for qualifying and race. Anyways, here's my video for this week's track and how I use what I've learned so far.

Set up below... Cheers!

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.zip   Atlanta 131 R.zip (Size: 435 bytes / Downloads: 8)
it's true setup doesn't change a lot, mostly psi and 1 click here and there for different tracks, mostly toe in and rear rebound (it moves a lot sometimes).. anyway you can't gain seconds from setup, it's just to have a better pace for the race, default is decent.

BUT you can make it a lot worse, try to put the springs as stiffest as possibile, and enjoy the grip of ultra hard tyres Smile that's because i use this car near as softest possibile

there are 8 gears, in 8 you can listen the sound of the wind and stay at the same speed you where when you engaged it eheh , the gear graph is hilarious, 430km/h top speed
oh, there are 8 gears? I never even used 7th yet ever! What's this? an F1 car? talk about fuel savings I guess... never rev more than 2000 RPM to use all gears? Smile

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