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logo and banner redesign
hey guys, im not be rude or anything but the logo and banner design are a bit plain and boring (in my opinion)
what would be cool would be to have a competition for a logo and banner design, like i said this is opinion so hope i didn't offend
I'd assume you are very artistic and have some sketches ready to work on? It's just a logo mate. Think of Facebook, Twitter, iRacing, etc...how simple their logos are and seems no effort given to them as they appear. Actually, I'd take this logo over iRacing's raised arm man, NBA/MLB rip off logo any day of the week. The followers will make or break a site, not the logo. And from your own comment. I don't mean to offend brother. But the logo is not that bad. Honestly
As a graphic designer I have to say the general appearance of SRS leaves much to be desired, but the logo and the absence of a banner are the least of its problems. And "being boring" definitely has nothing to do with it.

Especially a properly designed website with better informational architecture would attract much more racers, but I don’t think SRS has a participation problem.

The service itself (how the races are presented, etc.) is absolutely fine though.

that being said, a contest would definitely do no harm :-)
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What I would love to see added to the site instead (and perhaps in the AC app too) is some kind of radio.
Talk about FragRadio plugin from CSS and CSGO.
Would love to listen to some music while waiting for my race to come up.
Design wise, the site is fine

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