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SimracingNC Porsche 917K Series
Welcome to another season of SimracingNC on SimRacingSystem!
I hope you'll enjoy the car and tracks we picked - it's certainly going to be a challengeWink This series is loosely based on the World Sportscar Championship of 1970, featuring the legendary Porsche 917 as raced by Steve McQueen in the Le Mans movie (we have the shorter "K" version). We will be racing on classic tracks exclusively (with the exception of Le Mans but at least we will skip the chicanesWink) - so this is going to be a very special series in deed.
I will share my first base setup here. It is certainly a lot less understeering than the default baseline. So if you want the car to be a bit more pointy, feel free to give it a trySmile


Can't wait to duke it aout with you guys on track, and don't forget:
Racing is life, everything before and after is just waiting.
Looking forward to the season Martin... Thanks for sharing the setup too.


-- Joe.
I am very sorry the race yesterday had such big problems. It seems to have been an issue with the number of pit stalls if I am not mistaken.
SimRacingSystem quickly fixed the issue (thank you!) and restarted the server but of course many people had already left at that point and I guess the joining procedure wasn't as clear cut as usually (we could only join through the AC online races lobby). So we ended up only being 7 people. We still had a great race but surely all of us would have preferred to hav a full field. I feel sorry for everybody who took their time to  prepare and couldn't race in the end Sad
I have spoken to the SRS admins and we have agreed that the race won't count towards the championship - would only be unfair if it did.
Also, we will make sure the remaining tracks/races won't have the same problem.

I am really looking forward to next week, it will be a burner. Classic Monza with historic banking...awesomeWink
See you on track!

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