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AMS Mod List
(01-22-2019, 05:56 PM)Roland Seebauer Wrote:  aahh, no, I haven´t the Trackpack. 
The Track loading screen comes and then I can wait forever until I press enter or escape. Then a failure window comes, but I can´t read it, it dissapears too fast. 
So see you next week.
like i said: you don't need to have the trackpack, as far as i know, it works fine here... Huh

Sounds strange...
Try do deactivate anti aliasing and all extra functions like sweetFX and so on, maybe it is a driver issue Confused
I dont know if I can race today but you must delete the previous folder of the track and copy it again from the link, you dont have to overwrite the previous version

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Good for all I have copied the trackpack and unzipped in the folder "localitations" but I can not have tracks available. Anyone know what might be happening? Sad Thanks.
Should be found under 'Additional tracks' or similar in-game.
Please note that many of them have been updated since the ultimate trackpack so you might need to update them from Racedepartment

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