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Rules on track limits
If you see people cutting like in your example. That's a reportable offense. It's blatant.

But universally in Motorsports the white lines tend to be regarded as the perimeter of the track. A large majority of the rule sets state clearly that two wheels must be within the track at all times.

However, since this is a game, and supposedly fun. One would assume that if there's a cut that's being made by a large majority of the field (like the donington gp chicane), then just go with it. If there's someone clearly abusing, report them.
This discussion started up in a broadcast thread as well, and folks over there are pretty much just saying "do whatever the game lets you get away with and I'm not going to report anyone because it is a waste of time". I get that. I'd rather the game automatically have pixel perfect track limits and some alternative to making people turn into slow moving road hazards.

What I don't like is that the time I'd waste reporting people for doing obvious cuts over the white lines is going to be much less time than if I were to practice trying to cut every corner on every track I was going to race on to find out where the ACTUAL lines are located so I can get that extra second or two off my lap times.

Me personally, I'm going to stay between the white lines (when I'm actually able to, of course) and if I feel like it, I'm going to make videos of people cutting the same bits of track over and over for advantage over those not doing it, and send them in as a protest. If they get warned/suspended/banned, fine by me. So far I've only reported people doing chicane cuts on Donington because in those cases they cut the track INTO people who were not cutting the track. I'll probably make it a point to look at the top 3 finishers on various tracks and take some notes next time... whether they collide with people or not. Big Grin
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the actual le mans isn't an update, it's a different version

the penalty isn't stupid as the other version, but it's too easy now, by watching the video i think i can shave at least another second easily  Big Grin (a wider entry of the Mulsanne curve is much faster), in my lap i did cut a bit the  " S de la Foret " but i think the 2 left tyres were still on the track.

anyway at le mans it's better to stay on track, in quali at least, because it's a over 4 minutes lap invalid.. 
for Donington, actually it's faster to not cut that chicane, because you don't get the slow down by the sand, and the car losing grip with the jumps, but it's harder to do right every time, a little cut it's slower but easier and safer.
anyway SRS has nothing to do with penalty system, it's based on the track, maybe, if it's possible, they should stay with the track limits that are in the quali, they are more real, but if thereis an incident you get a huge penalty to avoid that.. so i really don't know how to solve this problem, just report who cut.
and James, what a finish of the race yesterday!  your calm beaten my stupidity of searching a fast lap when leading by 10 seconds  Big Grin
Exactly Stefano. The reason why the Donni cut is so forgivable because it's often unavoidable.

It's pretty easy to distinguish the difference between a genuine driver and one who's abusing.
(10-02-2018, 06:53 PM)Stefano Zanella Wrote:  a wider entry of the Mulsanne curve is much faster

This is exactly what I meant about there being 'grey areas'. There is too much ambiguity. Is it acceptable to drive outside the white lines to take a wider entry to a turn? Or letting the car run wide on the exit so you can carry more speed? It's all fine and well saying to use 'common sense' but we are competitive and always trying to push the limits. I'm going into tonight's race feeling a lot less certain than I normally would be about where these limits are.
The wider entry in Mulsanne is common sense. As I said before, at some tracks officials make a point of making cars stay within the white lines (track limits), on other tracks not so much. On the Red Bull Ring for example, in T1 everyone takes a wide entry, going outside the track limits for that too. At least with some cars. There may be a bit of ambiguity, but definitely not too much. Think of it like this: Different track, different rules.

The blatant cutting in Mulsanne is obviously wrong though. Haven't seen u try it in the race -I was close behind you most of the race- so I'm not sure if it'll work.
Great race tonight btw!
(10-02-2018, 06:03 PM)James Andrew, Wrote:  it would actually be unfair to penalize someone if they haven't broken a rule."....but we get punished all the time by not breaking the rules, like when we get punted off the track, we get slowed way down and get an INCIDENT for contact when we did nothing wrong.
There's a 1991 version of Le Mans now, maybe if it has better off track zones it could be used by SRS in the future? https://www.reddit.com/r/assettocorsa/co..._download/
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(10-02-2018, 06:53 PM)PkStefano Zanella Wrote:  the actual le mans isn't an update, it's a different version

the penalty isn't stupid as the other version, but it's too easy now...

Possibly yes too easy to cut now but at least i didn’t want to rage quit for getting a ridiculous penalty, which happened every time on the previous version.

In fact it is an updated version of Tiago’s conversion from RF2 which had the broken penalties, it was just taken on by different guys so they had to post it in a new thread on RD.

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