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DRM Revival (pay mod) for Assetto Corsa
Have you guys seen these yet:


Over here in the US, these FIA Group 5 cars raced in IMSA events, I saw them many many time back in the day.

Yeah ... it's 15 EU ... but you get 10 car models in a total of 17 configurations.  I've just had them up to the new Watkins Glen track lilski put out. 

I had so much fun with those cars in rFactor, I paid them 20 Euros just because I think they deserve it.

Would totally love racing those cars on SRS.
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th in the Lotus 25 championship 2018
Or you can just race the group 5 series on raceroom.
Gr5 cars are superb, in RF1 i raced many times then in 6h races and it was superb when in 1 race i fight the win in very last laps of this long race

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