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(05-22-2019, 11:55 AM)Marco┬áRebsamen Wrote:  I didn't imply anything. I only asked why there isn't one... Because I think it would help to spread SRS more and it would make it more user friendly.

Your first post seemed to "strongly suggest the need for an installer". I.e. "implying". And if your first post didn't imply that, the above quote certainly does!

(05-22-2019, 11:55 AM)Marco┬áRebsamen Wrote:  It's not only an AC app right? And since AC has a Mod Manager for installing those, it would also be nice if one doesn't need to fiddle in the folders...
and why sorting those out who can't (or don't want to) bump around with zip files and folders? Sounds like discrimination to me...

It is discrimination. But I was mostly kidding. That said... The SRS App for AC is a peer to every other app for Assetto Corsa. If you use any sort of mod manager for your apps, you should be able to use it for SRS as well... so making the SRS App be super special and have its own OS installer seems a low return on investment. I guess if you have the time on your hands and Henrique wanted to get someone to make an installer for him you guys could work something out.

How it works for sims other than AC, I don't have any experience with them personally. But I imagine keeping them all separate makes things easier for the author. I think I've installed the SRS App for AC exactly once since I joined back in early 2018, but since then I think the addons needed for the other sims have been updated for this reason or that... as an end user, I certainly wouldn't want to bother getting an update if the one for AC has no changes.
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