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Participating in specific series
1) Do you need to sign up for a specific series, or do you just register for specific races?

2) Are there specific requirements to joining races in a series, or is it just a matter of if you feel comfortable enough with a car in that series and feel you can semi-keep up, then go ahead and join?

3) I noticed it looks like there are multiple races each day for a track in a series and seems to be each track runs for a week at a time.  Can you join as many of those races in the week as you want? Is there any grouping of points and such based on specific times, or is it just the total points for the week in a series? For instance you just race the 6:00pm race every day, does it group points based on that at all?

4) Are there ever any series/leagues that only run one race a week at one specific set time?

Thanks for the answers in advance!

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Participating in specific series - by Caleb Avent - 05-17-2019, 05:20 PM

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