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Hello SRS
(05-08-2019, 12:17 PM)welcome! (fm ca) Allen Margavich Wrote:  Hello SRS folks, I live in the Atlanta, GA area in the US.  I've fairly recently started to get into "real" sim racing as around Christmas 2018 I switched from console, controller, and Forza to PC, wheel, and Assetto Corsa.  I'm sure I'll be a back-marker for a while but racing real people is better than AI no matter where you finish.
I attempted my first race last night but ran into technical issues - was hoping to quit out and rejoin to try and fix it during qualifying but I guess once qualifying starts you can't rejoin.
One noob question - Where can I find a longer range event schedule?  For instance if I know I'm available to race at a certain time/night next week how do I know what's available to know what to practice?

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