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Oval Racing coming to SRS! NR2003 Series!
We are pleased to announce that from now on, SRS will feature Oval competitions!

Despite it's age (16 years), Nascar Racing 2003 Season (NR2003) is still one of the most appreciated sims when it comes to oval racing.
Mod teams have been producing quality content for 15 years and you can still find new mods being released such as the MENCUP 2019 by Splash N'Go who helped on the SRS APP tests.

The app will be working as this announcement is made but everything should be reset on sunday in order to start the season on Monday  at 00:00 GMT.
Altough there was a testing period, please note that you may experience some unknown issues. If you do, please report it on the Apps' thread.

The app features content detection & skin transfer, more info on the link bellow.

App Download & instructions - Link

This first season will feature 5 daily series.
  • Cup (default)
  • MENCup 2019
  • Indycar
  • Whelen
  • 358 DirtLM
The series are already available on the 'Race', 'Daily Schedule' and 'Standings Page'. If you can't see them, go to your SRS profile > 'Aditional information' > 'Simulators' and select 'NR2003' on the sim list.

[Image: SeriesNR2003feb19.jpg]

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