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Next level implementations for SRS
Hi Dino.

1. The separation of licenses is not necessary from my point of view. With the participation that there is, you will compete with pilots the same pilots now and later.

2. We return to the same problem, participation. If we have categories limited by rating, participation per server is dispersed.

3. You have the hotlaps included in the SRS website and it is not necessary to add another APP.

4. My opinion is that any pilot that is in SRS will use this type of App (I use Crewchief).

5. Controversial topic. Are there drivers with connection ping problems? Do you have the problem? PC problem?

Last point. We are many who are in the forum of Sector3 and Ac publicizing and giving voice to SRS. Also on twitter and in my case, in the Spanish simracing community.

The youtubers are the best weapon to increase participation and in that, the admin had a good eye.

Personally I am delighted with SRS although now my participation is rather low (holidays and children).

However, after talking about these points in several previous threads I will launch a proposal that I have not read yet since 2016.

A facelift to the web format Smile Smile Smile
Personally the page that had the Portuguese raceroomers was spectacular.

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