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Next level implementations for SRS
Well...SRS is free and iRacing isn`t. Enough to make any comparisons irrelevant imo. You say you`re new here then let me say to you that I see admins improving many things here. Little steps, you know.

I`m a slow guy yet I get good races here. I`m thankful that such initiatives as SRS exist in the first place. Now AC is kind of old now. The new ACC and GTR games are coming...we`ll see how things change in the future.

For me I didn`t know about SRS until I saw GamerMuscle use it and in good time too as I was about to abandon R3E. I think youtubers do the best job of promoting SRS races.

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RE: Next level implementations for SRS - by Maciek Sobczak - 08-15-2018, 09:29 PM

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