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Scoring system - how does it work
Track grip is almost always 100% on SRS as it raises in Q to 100% if server is not half full.

Race times are perfectly comparable even with these variances between races. For example average of best 3 of your race times for the multi session a week/combo championships. That way you can do as many races as you want unlike now where you're limited to 5 max otherwise you suffer same fate as Bruno did points wise. Yes there is variance between races, but you could do as many as you want and same as right now "smart it out" and play in sessions that have almost no people and no competition.
It can all be weighted as well, taking final position, race time, best times, even incidents as time penalties into account.

Right now the rating is fairly broken and easily exploitable. Ignoring performances for the most part. You can literally crawl across the finish line in one of morning sessions, baaaam 102 points right there.

Other solution would be to make a mandatory race for top 20 (or how many slots SRS allows) at the end of championship to make a final sorting. Letting top finally have a decent race all together after several months of trying to be in the same session to have a race.

The track is not faster at the end of week, nor do the less experienced seem to improve over a week by 1-2s as they could. Tried it with Spa, waited until Sunday to do my last races, it was the same slow show.

Said it before saying it again, the current scoring system is anti competitive.

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