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Scoring system - how does it work
Yep, there's way too much to understand regarding scoring overall, per season rating and server placement. Even if you have 500 or 600 plus ratings and you decided to race on the third week on a popular series, it may still place you on the second server just because many other drivers (slower than you) already scored points on the first 2 races and you start from zero in that series. It's a rabbit hole, not just here but in every "rated" racing forums/groups.. If you are serious about it, I mean the ratings and championships, it will take you there eventually. If you are just a casual racer, there's nothing more to ask. Just participate in every race you want and enjoy.

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RE: Scoring system - how does it work - by Neil de Guzman - 07-16-2018, 03:41 PM

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