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Scoring system - how does it work
Hi guys. First off all, as this is my first post on any SRS Foruns, I'd like to congratulate SRS team! What a AWESOME racing system. Assetto Corsa is undoubtly the best racing simulator, but online racing on public servers is one "adventure". With SRS, now we can "profissionalize" our hobbies. That's really nice!

Well, about the scoring system, I'm really lost trying to understand how the system calculate the score for each week on each track of the championships. I'll take my case as an example:
On the DTM 90's actual season, on the second week in Zandvoort, I raced seven races, with six victories and a third place as final results. Jaroslav Cerny raced 5 races, with 4 victories and a third place. And the score acomplished by him on that week is the score of the full victory, or 102 points. Mine was 100.1! With almost the same results Cerny had! If we consider the % of victories related to the total number of races raced on that week, his number is 80%, and mine is 85,7%.

I tryed to understand why there is this difference, but still didn't manage to discover it.

If anybody can explain to me how this scoring system works, I thank a lot!

Bruno Fabiano

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Scoring system - how does it work - by Bruno Fabiano - 07-14-2018, 01:50 AM

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