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New Raceroom Series coming May 21!
Love the fact to introduce the Silhouette Series this season on a daily basis. This should attract more people because at least the Cars are free for everyone. I will jump into this series although times are not ideal for me (GMT+2), but that is a problem for many people and almost impossible to solve.

As i was running the FRJ last season and very much enjoying (until after the patch nobody seemed to race anymore - me included) i was hoping for a daily open wheel series. But that didn´t happen. Hopefully next season with a rookie friendly open wheel serie (F4, F3).

The 1 hour races are too long for me and because they are at 19 GMT, these Races will block the prime time segment. Last season this was the same problem. Because of that there is one less prime time slot availyble which is too badf. But maybe for most people the 1h races are a good thing. I don´t know. 20 min is perfect for me, though.

Anyway. Keep up your great work. Without SRS i would quit R3E because open servers are no fun and racing againt AI boring

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RE: New Raceroom Series coming May 21! - by Thomas Reuthebuch - 05-20-2018, 09:21 AM

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