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No points for DNF Drivers

now after 10 races I think its time to ask for a little change. During the race some drivers quit the session, because things won't go in a way they want them to go. Thats ok for me, but I cannot understand, that they are getting the full points.

Today I have finished a race after 22 laps and I got 64 points for it. Another driver quits in lap 11 after after he has missed a breaking point. In the ending table he get 61 points - what from my perspective is realy unfair.

Is it possible to set the points of the DNF drivers to zero (or better to -10) to give them a motivation to finish the race? I am often in the last position - most of the times, because I am slower than the others or because I am moving off track too much. But I allways finish the race for one reason - You never know, what happens in race, may an opponents is getting slower because he went off track and you find yourself in a good battle. I also think, that every lap is good for training.

I can understand, that sometimes driver are angry about the currents situation (kicked off track by a 3rd or what else). But I think it is not good to give them the full points for not finishing the race.


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