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Next track for a series? - Caleb Avent - 05-17-2019

Hey Guys! new to SRS, and a bit of a beginner to sim racing.  Not the worst, nowhere near the best hahaha
Question though, if I look at the Lotus Evora GX races, right now it's racing at Mugello.  I would need to practice for a few days until I'd feel comfortable jumping into a race, and it looks like Mugello ends on the 19th of May.  So what about the track for the next week? How do I find out what that is so I can start practicing ahead of time on that?

RE: Next track for a series? - Oggi Pineas - 05-17-2019


As far as I understand it, this is last week of the current season, and new cars and tracks will be announced on Saturday.

RE: Next track for a series? - Russell Sobie - 05-17-2019

Oggi is correct. This is the last week of the season. But for future seasons, the entire track list for a season can be found on the race registration page by clicking this little pill button on the top right of any particular race:

[Image: HB9GyCI.png]