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Hi from my seat ! - Seb Niners - 05-09-2019

and it's not a playseat unfortunately Tongue

I'm Seb Niners, I'm from France and in my mid-30's.
I was a more a console player back in the time, Gran Turismo series mostly but TOCA and F1 games also.
My wheel, not compatible with my PS4, brings me to PC and Assetto Corsa. I choose AC because of the many many mod. I like to have as many tracks as I can and I'm more than happy with all the fantastic track and car build by the modders.

I'm so glad there's also many app build by the community like this one we use ; thanks a lot for your work with SRS Henrique, Obrigado ! Wink

Favorite Sim : AC

Racing Schedule : Could change a lot, from 08:00 GMT to 00:00 GMT