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More stats - Marek Vons - 01-13-2019

Would it be possible to create another table with all the drivers, where you can sort the columns and see the championships, wins, top 3, top 10. You know what I mean, then you would just sort the players by these stats and see f.e. who has got the most top 10 finishes and so. Maybe it could be added to the driver rating page as well, as there is a lot of space for it. Sometimes I am just wondering how many wins "this guy" has or who is the best in top 3 finishes or so, but there is no way to find out, only by opening too many driver profiles

RE: More stats - Pawel Kusmierek - 01-13-2019

Would it be also possible to list (with links) all* races of a driver on his ror her profile page?

* if that creates too much of a load on the server, list last 10 or 20 and provide a button to load all.

RE: More stats - Alex Leif - 01-24-2019

+1 to that!

I would very much love more stats / ways to sort the drivers!
Also if we could see championship top 3 finishes in driver profile, not just championship wins, that would be very cool.


RE: More stats - Juan Reinoso - 01-26-2019

In my opinion the most important statistic that currently doesn't appear is the number of pole positions